Neon Sign Brightness RF Wireless Mini Controller 12V-24V 11 Keys

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Neon Sign Brightness RF Wireless Mini Controller 12V-24V 11

KeysCaution:packege without Battery! Battery type: 3V CR2025

1.Turn On/Standby

Press this key to turn on unit or switch to standby mode.Unit will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment.

2.Lighting Mode

Switch to lighting mode from dynamic mode.

3/8/9. Dimmer Adjust Shortcuts

Switch to 100%,50%,or 25% brightness lighting mode.

4/6.  Dynamic Mode Adjust

Switch to dynamic mode from lighting mode,or switch between different dynamic modes.

5/7. Speed Adjust

Adjust playing speed of dynamic modes.Press SPEED+ to increase speed and press SPEED- to decrease.

10/11. Brightness Adjust (Dimmer)

Adjust lighting mode brightness.Press BRIGHT+ to increase brightness and press BRIGHT- to decrease.

Please pull out the insulate part before using.The RF wireless remote signal can pass through barrier,so it's not necessary to aim at the main unit when operate.For proper receiving remote signal,do not install the main unit in closed metal parts.The remote battery is 3V CR2025 type,please only replace with same type battery.